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Community Leaders & Neighbors are supporting Chris Horton for City Council.

"Chris is a native son of Orange and chose to stay in our community, raise his family here and build a successful

business in our town. He is a true servant leader who actively gives back to his neighbors. 

His integrity and honest decency is EXACTLY what our city needs."

Arianna Barrios, Orange City Councilmember, District 1

Hon. Carolyn Cavecche
Former Mayor City of Orange
Former president/CEO of Orange County’s Taxpayers Association
Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 6.15.28 PM.png
Ana Gutierrez 
Orange Councilmember
District 5
Mike Alvarez
Former Orange Councilmember
Hon. Dan Slater
Former Mayor Pro Tem City of Orange
Arianna Barrios 
Orange Councilmember
District 1
Scott A. Branca
Branca Landscaping
Orange Businessowner
Joe Tardie Jr. 
Presentation Folder
Orange Business Owner
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