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Here are Chris' top priorities if elected to the Orange City Council.

You can also scroll down and see where he stands on various issues affecting our city.


Public Safety

As a husband and father, Chris knows the value and importance of living in a safe community. He is ready to advocate for enhanced public safety in Orange and local measures that aim to increase public health and safety. Chris will also work diligently with our local law enforcement and emergency services to ensure strong community relations with police, firefighters, and other first responders. Voting Chris for Orange City Council is voting for public safety as our top priority.

No Tax Increases

Chris started his own small business with his wife back in 2002 and has since become an active member in the local business community. With a business-mindset and bottom-line approach, Chris has made it a top priority to vote against any local tax increases. He knows the needs of our community and is ready to serve the public without senselessly raising the costs of living in our great city.

Addressing Homelessness

Responsibly taking on the housing crisis and rise in homelessness will be no small feat, but Chris is ready to rise to the challenge for our city. With economic instability and social community factors, homelessness has been a growing issue with no simple solution. Chris is prepared to take a compassionate yet active approach to addressing homelessness. His top priority will always be the safety and comfort of all the residents of Orange. While he fights to combat homelessness, he will make sure to build solutions that work for and respect everyone.


Investing in Infrastructure

Orange is a historic and beautiful city that deserves the best for our residents, now and forever. That’s why we must invest in our future and build for a better tomorrow, while working carefully and responsibly today. Our city needs long term, structural plans that aim to provide more efficient, comfortable, and safe streets, overpasses, buildings, and more. Coming from a family that’s been in Orange for eight decades, Chris knows what it means to invest in his community and he’s ready to put the work in.

A City Council for the People

Chris is a no nonsense type of guy. On City Council, he’s ready to be an advocate for our residents. He’ll promote government transparency and accountability with an open door for his community. Chris believes that government should work for the people, so he’ll always stand for the best interests of the residents of Orange. From bringing in new businesses and restaurants to promising to vote against tax increases, Chris is the candidate for the people.

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