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Chris Horton was born at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange in 1967. He is a third generation and life-long resident of Orange. 


After growing up in Orange and getting married here as well, he and his wife Janette  decided this is where they wanted to live and raise their two sons Brady and Riley. He attended school in Orange and graduated from Orange High School in 1985 where he was a two-year letterman in baseball.


Since high school, Chris had worked for different businesses where he found his niche in payroll. After accumulating over 12 years of payroll knowledge Chris and his wife Janette decided to start their own payroll company, PayRunner Payroll, in 2002 in the City of Orange. Through a lot of hard work, he and his wife have created a successful business where they now have the opportunity to give back to the community that they have gotten so much out of. They are celebrating their 20th year in business.

During his first month in business Chris joined the Orange Chamber of Commerce and has been an active participant in every committee and program the Chamber offers its members. Chris has worked his way up the Orange Chamber ranks as the Chairman of committees, a member of their Board of Directors, their Executive Committee as well as the Chairman of Chamber.

Chris is a 2004 graduate of Leadership Orange where he honed many of his leadership skills which he uses in his everyday life as well as to teach others the importance leadership and how leadership can impact their lives. He is a huge supporter of the Leadership Orange program and has since re-invented the Jr. Leadership Orange program that is now aimed at helping at-risk students at Orange High School. Chris has also helped organize, with the Jr. Leadership Orange students, three days of campus clean-up and painting benches at Orange High School. 


Chris was also a member of the Orange Rotary Club between 2008 and 2015, where he was involved in many of the community-oriented events the Rotary Club has attended. He worked at the Orange Street Faire and Third of July booths for the Orange Rotary selling Kettle Corn.

Chris’ passion and dedication to the City of Orange has led him to want to give back to the community that he and his family have received so much from over the years. 

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